Sponsoring a charity event of The Humane Society of Lake County; all about giving dogs and cats a second chance at life

Dear Mr.Klausman

Woof! And many ‘Thanks’ for your support of 104.1 Radio’s suds, pups & pints. What an amazing day for our sheltor. Thanks also for being at the event. Your presence was appreciated. The sponsorship of this event helps ensure that we continue to ‘Rescue & Rehone’ second chance cats and dogs. We are grateful for you – you made a difference!  – HSLC

I was happy to be the primary sponsor for The Humane Society of Lake County’s charity event “Suds, Pups and Pints,” in Mt. Dora on September 16, coordinated by 104.1 Radio and the Jim Colbert Show. Lots of good looking dogs and a fun time with volunteers washing dogs. The Humane Society of Lake County is a No-Kill facility giving a second chance to dogs and cats. Everyone deserves a second chance, including our furry friends.  The money raised for the event will help the Humane Society and I encourage anyone considering adding a pet to your family to see the pets they have up for immediate adoption.  If you missed this year’s event, be on the lookout for it next year.