Jennifer Muir

I’m Jennifer Muir. This is my 23rd year as an attorney in Florida. I began my legal career as a prosecutor in Ft. Pierce. I was in court almost every day seeking justice for victims of crimes. From Ft. Pierce I moved to Orlando and for several years I was an attorney with a law firm hired by insurance companies to defend injury claims. Every injury claim involves damage to a person’s anatomy. From my experience defending hundreds of injury claims, against some of the top attorneys in Florida, I obtained valuable experience and knowledge concerning injury claims. I learned from conferences with medical doctors, reviewing volumes of medical records, and taking depositions of medical experts.
My passion has always been helping others. So when I was approached by a prominent Orlando attorney to join his firm representing injured accident victims, I knew that was how I believed I could best use my knowledge and experience as an attorney to help others. For the next 10 years at that law firm I was fortunate to be able to help injured accident victims and their families to seek justice and fair compensation for their injuries. I’ve helped folks who have suffered devastating injuries and I’ve helped families who lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. I try to put myself in the shoes of my clients to feel their pain caused through no fault of their own.
My family is also my passion. I have a son who is 15 and is the kicker for his high school’s varsity football team, his school’s soccer goalkeeper, and he plays baseball in the spring. My daughter is 13 and plays competitive soccer. My husband of 22 years is a long-time physician’s assistant to a prominent local orthopedic surgeon. When our children were younger I wanted to be home more, so I left the law firm I was with for 10 years handling a large caseload and started my own firm working from home and being selective in the cases I agreed to pursue. When I undertake a case I feel my client is entitled to the best possible outcome and that requires my being able to do the best job possible.
Earlier this year I made the decision to get back into full time practicing law with a law firm representing folks injured and damaged by the negligence of others. I was fortunate that the same time attorney Glenn Klausman had an opening for an attorney with his law firm. So in my 23rd year as an attorney, I’m fortunate to now be working alongside a well respected and highly regarded pillar of our legal community helping others receive justice and fair compensation for the damages caused to them through no fault of their own.
At Klausman Law, we believe communication with your lawyer is extremely important. We don’t have case workers insulating clients from speaking with either Glenn Klausman or myself. We are personally available to answer your questions and help you all we can. We need to hear from you what you are feeling and how your injuries are affecting your life. That’s the key to being able help you all we can.

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