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Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for property damage and liability. Within each of these categories, there are many options. The property damage portion of the coverage can include the market value of a home and other structures on the land. It may include personal belongings and living expenses if a home becomes uninhabitable for a specific time. The liability portion of a homeowner’s policy provides coverage for personal injuries on a policyholder’s property. It includes injury that occurs to others when the policyholder is deemed responsible. There can be many exclusions on a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.
Whenever a policyholder files a claim, there is a potential for a dispute with the insurance carrier. Filing a claim involves a detailed interpretation of the policy. It is a prudent decision to consult with an experienced insurance claims attorney for the most favorable outcome. From the outset of a claim, an insurance adjuster will serve the interests of the company he works for, and insurance companies are adept at finding reasons to deny or underpay claims.

Seeking Legal Remedy for Claims that are Denied, Delayed, or Underpaid

At Klausman Law, we provide clients with a review and interpretation of their homeowner’s contract, along with guidance in navigating the insurance system. Our law firm can protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. We are adept at handling expensive or complicated claims, claims where fault is difficult to establish, and instances where the insurance adjuster may be minimizing the claim. The attorneys at Klausman Law are knowledgeable about insurance law and have investigative techniques and strategies that significantly heighten their clients’ chances of a fair settlement. In investigating a claim, an independent appraisal of the damages can lead the insurance company to re-evaluate the circumstances.

A Homeowner's Policy is a Contract between a Policyholder and an Insurance Company

When an insurance company does not comply with a contract’s terms, the policyholder is entitled to file a breach of contract claim in a court of law. The statute of limitations to file this type of lawsuit in Florida is generally five years; however, it varies depending on the type of claim.
Bad faith claims against insurance companies can result in an award to cover damages and more. If the insurance carrier’s actions were considered reckless and caused harm, the client may be entitled to additional compensation. Examples of bad faith claims include fraud or harassment during the insurance company’s investigation and unreasonable interpretation of policy terms. Other bad faith claims may be a refusal to pay the claim in full or altering the policy without the policyholder’s permission.

Trusted and Caring Legal Counsel in Central Florida

Klausman Law has decades of success in negotiation and litigation related to insurance claim disputes. Let us evaluate the strength of your claim. We aggressively dispute denials, delays, or underpayments on your behalf to protect your interests. You deserve to have the coverage the insurance company promised and the maximum settlement for your property or liability damages.

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