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It is vital that you find an attorney that will fight for your rights and best interests when going up against insurance companies.

Standing up to the insurance companies can be daunting, but you deserve the very best and not the lowest possible settlement. You work hard to provide for your family and have taken measures to protect your assets, including insurance policies to ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident. When you have consistently paid your premiums, you expect your insurer to be there when you need them most. However, all too often insurance companies deny claims that they shouldn’t, which adds to the stress you and your family may be experiencing. Sometimes, an insurance company may even resort to completely ignoring you and your claim.

At Klausman Law, we handle a variety of insurance dispute cases, including:

  • Auto Insurance Claims
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Homeowners Insurance Claims

You buy insurance to protect you. You pay your premiums and you uphold your side of the agreement with your insurance company. Your insurance company’s side of the agreement is to pay valid claims. Most people buy insurance though insurance agents. Those agents are the face of the company…until you have a claim. When you have a claim, you are now dealing with “claims adjusters.”

The goal of the claims adjuster is to pay as little as possible on a claim. If they can find a way to try and get away with paying nothing they will. Some companies claims departments appear to have a mission statement of the three D’s: “Delay, Deny, Don’t Pay.”

The Insurance Claim Denial Games

  1. You Made a Mistake on Your insurance Application so your insurance company says you have no insurance. Your insurance company says they relied on your insurance application answers and because you left something out they are cancelling the policy they sold you as if they never sold it to you. They will refund the premiums you paid because that amount is much smaller than the claims being made. It is important to read and understand the paperwork you complete when you apply for insurance. Make sure all the answers are correct. So many times, people rely on their agent to do the paperwork and they trust their agent is doing it correctly. I can guarantee you if there is a mistake your agent will say the mistake was yours and not the agent’s.

    The insurance company will claim whatever they believe to be a mistake on your insurance application was a “material misrepresentation” by you that should allow them to cancel your policy as if they never agreed to issue the policy.

    Often what an insurance company claims to be a mistake on your part is really a mistake in their investigation. The insurance company may claim a person lived with you when you made the insurance application, even though the person really did not live with you when you made the insurance application. An auto insurance company may claim there was a regular driver of your vehicle you failed to list on your application or there was a member of your household 15 or over you failed to list.

    When an insurance company claims you made a material misrepresentation on your insurance application, you need an attorney knowledgeable in insurance law to represent you.

  2. The insurance company says you lied on a claim, so they can get away with paying nothing. The insurance company says it’s “fraud.” Once the insurance company claims you have committed fraud, you need an attorney knowledgeable on insurance law to represent you.
  3. The insurance medical examination game. If the insurance company improperly denies your claim for any reason, call us … We’re Here To Help.

Allow an Attorney to Stand Up For Your Rights

If you are in need of compensation and your insurance company has denied, delayed or underpaid your claim, you have the right to take legal action. Sometimes, the only way to force an insurance company to give you and your claim the attention it deserves is to hire an attorney. However, allowing your claim to go unnoticed for too long could be costly, so hiring an attorney sooner rather than later could be beneficial to your case. You deserve the best possible outcome, not the lowest settlement that the insurance company wishes to pay out. At Klausman Law, we handle absolutely every case that is put on our desk. We do not shuffle your case off to a caseworker or give it to a paralegal to handle, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving the legal expertise you deserve.

Insurance law is complicated. Glenn Klausman has represented attorneys and judges on their insurance claims. They recognized they needed someone skilled and experienced in Insurance Law. It’s been said “A client who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” That saying is very true with insurance claims. When the insurance company gets the first notice of a claim, if the person does not yet have an attorney the insurance company has an adjuster trained at sweet talking the claimant contact the claimant to try and convince the claimant to not hire an attorney. Why? Because the insurance company knows they can shortchange and short pay in claims settled before an attorney is involved. The adjusters are trained to pay as little as possible and to get a release as quickly as possible.

What the adjusters won’t tell you is under Florida law for some insurance claims against you own company the insurance company can be required to pay all of your attorney fees. In disputes with your own auto insurance company for No-Fault auto insurance claims, the insurance company may be required to pay all of your attorney fees. The same for homeowners insurance claims. Because we handle these cases on a ”No Recovery = No Attorney Fees or Costs” basis, if we win your claim the insurance company pays our attorney fees. If we lose, you owe no attorney fees or costs. So why would you not retain the best attorney available to pursue your claim for you? Glenn Klausman has been recognized by Super Lawyers and by Florida Trend magazine for superior recognition in insurance law.

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