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Over 30 years, attorney Glenn Klausman has recovered millions and millions and of dollars for injured accident victims and the families who have lost loved ones due to someone else’s negligence.

Wrongful Death Claims, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions, Spinal Cord Injuries, Fractures, Burn Injuries, Motorcycle Crash Accidents
Tractor-Trailer Trucking Accidents, Logging Truck Accidents, ATV and Off Road Vehicle Accidents, ,Golf Cart Accidents,
Negligent Security Cases, Premises Liability Cases, Slip and Fall cases.
Let us help you.

Our mission statement is:

We’re here to help people.
We treat every client as we would wanted to be treated.
Our area of expertise is helping injured accident victims and helping the families who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence.

How Our Firm Is Different From Other Law Firms:

  • At our law firm from the very first meeting until your case is concluded you will always be dealing face to face with an attorney.
  • We are not a mass advertising firm that uses “case workers.” We have taken over cases where clients were unhappy with their prior attorney and we have seen the problems that occur due to that law firm using case workers instead of an attorney skilled in injury law. Here’s some reasons why face to face meetings and communication with an attorney skilled in injury law is important:
    • We believe it takes an attorney with expertise in injury law to properly evaluate an injury claim.
    • All the right questions need to be asked at the initial client interview
    • At the initial client interview the right advice needs to be provided by an attorney skilled in injury law.
    • For Florida motor vehicle accidents, the client should understand how Florida No-Fault law works and applies to the client’s case.
    • It is critically important that the attorney be advised of all of the client’s symptoms at the outset to be able to evaluate the injuries.
    • Clients often have questions about medical treatment that require the expertise of an attorney knowledgeable in the treatment of the symptoms and injuries the client has described.
    • Clients often have questions about the selection of doctors and those questions require the attorney’s expertise and knowledge.
    • Attorneys skilled in handling injury claims should have knowledge of all of the best diagnostic tools and scans available for the client.
    • At the outset of the case it is critically important to understand all of the insurance issues involved in a client’s case and to have knowledge of insurance law to be able to pursue all of the available insurance from all available sources. We’ve taken over cases from other law firms that had failed to make claims for additional insurance.
  • We are a law firm that handles only injury and wrongful death claims. We are not a law firm that also handles every other kind of case from criminal law, to divorce, to real estate. Knowing injury law is a full time job. It requires a significant commitment of time to keep current on all of the changes that apply to injury law and wrongful death law. The expression “Jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none” may apply. If you have a question about an area of the law where we lack expertise, we can refer you to attorneys who specialize in that other area of the law.
  • We believe our clients should have access to our attorneys 24/7 if they need questions answered. Our clients have the cell phone numbers for our attorneys.
  • If an insurance company refuses to pay our client fair compensation on our client’s claim and our client wishes to pursue litigation, we have the litigation experience necessary to litigate our client’s claim.
  • We have knowledge and expertise in Florida No-Fault and pursue for our clients all insurance benefits our clients are entitled to receive. It takes extra work and time to pursue these benefits, but it is part of the service we provide. Some law firms and attorneys fail to recognize and pursue the available benefits for their clients. For example, your motor vehicle insurance includes the benefit of reimbursing you for the expense of travel to and from physicians and pharmacies. This requires additional paperwork and monitoring to make sure the insurance company is correctly paying these benefits. Some attorneys fail to pursue those benefits for their clients.
  • An insurance company may schedule you to be examined by a physician selected by the insurance company. The physician selected by the insurance company is paid by the insurance company to conduct the examination. Insurance companies sometimes select doctors whose primary source of income is doing those examinations. The reports from doctors selected by insurance companies are sometimes unfavorable to the injured accident victim. We are different from many other law firms as we will attend the insurance examination with you and videotape the examination to keep the doctor honest as to what occurred at the examination.
  • Under Florida No-Fault law, your own insurance company is required to make payment on your medical bills. Some insurance companies fail to pay properly and that results in the medical provider having a bill you owe that is more than it should be. Some attorneys fail to pursue the insurance company for payment that the insurance company owes. We monitor whether your insurance company is paying what it is required to pay and we will pursue the proper payments for you.
  • Clients often have questions concerning the damage to their vehicle and whether they are being fairly compensated for that damage. Unlike some other law firms, our attorneys help our clients with those claims.

We’re here to help our clients with all of their potential claims.
We believe it takes an attorney skilled in handling those claims to get the best possible results.
That is why our attorneys are always available to answer your questions and to provide help to you.


My father and mother taught me to always treat people the way you would want them you treat you. To put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand the way they see things. To try to do your best at everything you do. To make as many friends as you can, because you never have too many.

My first job after law school was with the Public Defender’s office in Sanford and then in Orlando. I was in court every week the five years I was an assistant Public Defender. Some of the best trial lawyers get their start as assistant Public Defenders. You learn trial skills, effective communicating, and you develop your reputation in the legal community. The downside is as you become better and better as a Public Defender, you are called upon to represent those accused of more serious and heinous crimes…..read more

Voted by peers as “Best of the Bar” in Insurance Law (Orlando Business Journal)

Voted by attorneys in Florida for recognition as a “Legal Elite” attorney in Civil Trial Law and Insurance Law (from Florida Trend Magazine).

Glenn Klaussman, P.A.
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Car Crashes

I-4 is the most dangerous road in the country. Orlando has more TV ads and billboards for car crash lawyers than anywhere in the country.  Our law firm is different. Let us help you.

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Injury & Wrongful Death Claims

Over the 30 years attorney Glenn Klausman has recovered millions and millions and of dollars for injured accident victims and the families who have lost loved ones due to someone else’s negligence.

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Insurance Claims

You need a lawyer skilled in Insurance Law to get the results you deserve on your Insurance Claim. If you fall for the insurance adjuster’s lines you are likely to get shortchanged.

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